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As you can see, private donations from Damforst members and patrons account for a significant portion of our yearly earnings. But if you got some dirt on somebody, or pictures of a politician doing naughty things in a diaper, let us know. We would be happy to send them a "donation request."

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Damforst expenses

We hope to increase our burrito spending by 25% in 2009. Become a Damforst member today by sending us a Chipotle gift card and help us reach our goal!

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See damaged, stolen, and forged anytime for free while supporting our mission. Individual memberships begin at a single $20 Chipotle gift card. Sound like a deal? HA,'s a steal...a salty, delicious steal.

1 $20 Chipotle gift card:
Small Time Crook

1 $50 Chipotle gift card:
Irate Patron

1 $1,000 Chipotle gift card:
Art Terrorist

Patrons interested in sending gift cards in any amount larger than $1000 should send cash or a blank check instead. Said checks and cash will be used for vacations, credit card bills, and scholarships in the form of student loan payments. Thanks!

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Please be aware that as you explore the pages about Damforst Museum's programs, events, history and financial info, you are likely to come across a fair amount of fakery. Do not be alarmed; the Museum staff simply spend far too much time in libraries, museums, and institutions of higher learning to be entirely sane. They do, however, take their responsibilites to the content of the Damforst Museum very seriously and can assure you that all art-related information is well-researched and as accurate as the field allows. So, don't email us to complain that you can't find our address: Damforst Museum exists only in the World Wide Web...and your living nightmares.

Thank you,
Damforst Museum staff